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Charlie-Brown-style Christmas tree - 2012 Eibhlin

Charlie Brown-ish Christmas Tree

This year, we chose some real, alternative Christmas tree options. We had two trees in our living room. (I’ve always preferred to have more than one tree for the holiday season.) One “tree” was actually a bunch of small branches, arranged in a large glass jar, so they looked like a small Christmas tree. I’d … Continue reading "Charlie Brown-ish Christmas Tree"

Palette - mid-cleaning

The Beauty of Cleaning

One of the best things about being an artist is the beauty I see everywhere I look. When I was cleaning one of my palettes this past week, the running colors were so gorgeous, I had to capture them with a photo. (Note: I paint with water-soluble oil paints, so I can clean them in … Continue reading "The Beauty of Cleaning"

ATC - an umbrella sketch

Testing a New Drawing Pen

Before renewing my love affair with pen & ink illustration, I needed a new rapidograph. Since childhood, I’ve always loved black-and-white illustration, and my drawings are a mix of contour-style line drawings accented with cross-hatch (etc.) shadows. My “people” have always been silly looking things with large noses that often extend directly from the hairline,  … Continue reading "Testing a New Drawing Pen"

Walt Disney's Fantasyland Game - artwork by Muriel Bernier

Disneyland and My Mother’s Art

Disneyland is celebrating its 55th anniversary. I grew up surrounded by Disney art, figures, and I watched the Mickey Mouse Club every time it was on. I’m commemorating Disneyland’s anniversary with an artistamp.  It features art by my mother, Muriel Joan Bernier (1919 – 2010). Click on the image to download a PDF copy of … Continue reading "Disneyland and My Mother’s Art"

Art as Collaborative Energy

I re-learned a valuable artistic lesson this week.  It’s about energy and the creative process, when I’m not working in flow. This is a difficult time for me. My mother – who is ordinarily very strong and healthy – is in the hospital. I’m continuing to work as much as I can, but some days … Continue reading "Art as Collaborative Energy"

Discovering truth through art - eibhlin.com

Discovering the Truth

Last night, I was re-reading Finding Your Visual Voice.  It’s a book that steadily inspires me. The opening line of the book is, “Artists  paint to discover the truth.” That really resonates with my views.  There is a truth — an essence — in everything.  It’s that essence that inspires the artist; something in what … Continue reading "Discovering the Truth"

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