My name is Eibhlin. It’s said “Eileen,” the spelling I used for much of my life. Around age 40, I decided to start using the spelling I prefer. (It’s easy to tell when a telemarketer calls me. He or she always says my name like “EYE-buhh-linn.”)

So, about me…

The world seems to think I’m an author. And, well… yes, I am.

Oh, in my mind I’m actually an artist. Artist’s journals, wild art dolls, landscape paintings, and so on.

However, at some point, writing started crowding out my art, and… here I am.

A writer.

About EibhlinI’ve written articles. (Credentials include everything from Romantic Times to Herbal Quarterly to Lady’s Circle, and a few hundred regrettable articles for WriteForCash.)

I’ve written books, mostly under pen names. Mostly related to history, but only loosely. I’m a privacy fanatic, and regularly turn down producers’ offers to create my own TV series, so that’s all I’ll say.  If you know my main pen name, do me a favor and don’t share that information with anyone.  (I mean it.)

Long ago, I’ll admit I wrote a book about vintage fashions. I need to revise and update that, now that it’s out-of-print and the rights were returned to me.

In genre fiction, I’m sort of addicted to Regency England and Regency romances. In fact, I was working on a series for Warner Books, before they abruptly decided Regencies weren’t profitable enough.

And, now and then, a cozy mystery seems to appear in my thoughts, and I have to write that. Or start to, anyway. (I’m embarrassed by how many books I’ve started and abandoned.)

Two how-to books are under my real name… they were written for convenience.

People kept asking me the same questions, over & over. I figured it’d be easier to throw everything-but-the-kitchen-sink into a couple of books. So, I did. I’m updating them in 2019, because – wow – they need rewrites. (That said, the basic information is still valid.)

For a few years, I had a separate writing website, as eibhlin.com/writing. Then I realized that other people are far more dedicated to posting regular writing advice. So, I’ve merged those articles with this blog… and – apparently – I’m not as dedicated to posting much here, either.

(Have I mentioned that I’m easily distracted…? Or that I always have far too many projects in the works?)

So that’s my story. And, oh yes, we live close enough to Disney World to see fireworks every night. And – when the wind is blowing in our direction – we can hear the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street parades & performances, the train whistle, and the ferry horns. It’s truly magical.

(My mom was a freelance artist and worked on Disney-related projects. So I kind of grew up a “Disney kid.” Ask me anything about Walt Disney or Disneyland or Disney World, and I’ll go all starry-eyed and talk for hours.)

I’m happily married, have three wonderful children, and – in my spare time – I’m shamelessly addicted to reality shows that include romance (like The Bachelor), and baking chocolate chip cookies. (My husband says he could have married me just for those.)

It’s a good life. Sure, it’s also a quirky, unusual one, but it’s how my mother raised me, and how her father raised her. I’m kind of proud of that, and I wouldn’t change anything about what got me to where I am today. I’m not sure how many other people can say that, and I know I’m blessed/fortunate to have this happiness.