Flurries at Dusk - NH landscape painting - 2011

Flurries at Dusk, Revisited – 13 Jan 2011

With some minor changes, the larger Flurries at Dusk painting is now completed.

(See the nearly completed version plus backstory, here. Mostly, I added contrast in some areas, and softened the white areas in the sky.)

It’s a higher key than I’d expected, but I’m pleased with the lyrical quality of the color.

The completed work is 18″ x 24″ on stretched canvas.

I like how far I pushed the colors in this piece.  It’s not quite what I’d planned to paint, working from the original sketch, but… well, it’s a pretty painting.

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  1. Love it…..the colors are sooooooo pretty together……can’t beat Mother Nature for a great show…

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