Oil sketch of a sunrise at Lake Winnisquam

Winnisquam Sunrise

Today, the light is dismal.  It’s grey, flat, and rainy.  Even sitting next to the floor-to-ceiling window on the “sunny” side of our living room, everything looks pretty blah. To test a painting technique recommended by Peter Wileman (see review, below), I chose a photo I’d taken, earlier this summer.   It’s lovely, and I may …

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Winter sunset 2011

Juicy Winter Sunset

This is one of my few recent oil sketches.  That’s partly because the skies have been either overcast or cloud-free, and not very interesting for my approach to landscapes. Also, the past few weeks have been a little somber for me.  Last Friday (March 11th) was my late mother’s birthday. I’m still getting used to …

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Winter tree - 2011

Snowy Tree – In Progress

A recent, surprise snowstorm presented another opportunity to paint the frosted scene outside my window. The painting — not yet finished — is an oil painting on 9″ x 12″ canvas board. Before I say that this painting is completed, I’d like to try indicating the falling snow.  However, I’m not sure that’s a good …

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Snow by streetlight - nocturne - oil sketch by eileen morey

Snow by Streetlight

After reading Whistler’s defense of his Nocturne series*, I was inspired to paint exactly what I saw outside my living room, after dark. The sketch isn’t elegant or detailed, but it does convey the impression of the scene that night. My husband commented that it was probably the best that streetlight had ever looked. Okay, …

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