Pandorica 5 - completed

Pandorica 5 – Completed

This weekend, I completed the fifth of my Pandorica-inspired drawings.

This is the first of the bigger drawings.

The circle is about 10 1/2″ across, and it’s drawn on a 14″ x 17″ sheet of paper.

The design was drawn, one block at a time, using a zero-point Koh-i-Noor drawing pen and black India ink.

First, I draw guidelines in pencil, to indicate the circles and a few angled lines so the blocks don’t get too skewed in relation to the whole.

Everything else is drawn, freehand and intuitively, with an eye to keeping the piece in balance as I work.

Like many non-representational works, one goal of this piece is to keep the eye moving around it.  There may be areas that attract your attention, but it’s fleeting attention… you don’t linger there, but keep scanning the work.

Below, a scan of the drawing (next to a ruler) shows the approximate size of  the blocks.  Most of the blocks range from 1/32″ square up to those with sides about 3/4″.

The work is inspired by the dimensional art on the Pandorica in recent Dr. Who episodes, as well as the Mayan calendar, mandalas, and other circular works.

Pandorica detail