Disney on My Mind?

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Clearly, it’s been a while since I’ve shared any updates, and it’s partly because our move back to New England didn’t go as planned. (Then again, our lives seem to be like that, and it always turns out to be serendipity. We make interesting connections. We have “ah-HA!” moments we wouldn’t have had, anywhere else. And so on.)

Recently, I was invited to join the Amazon Vine program as a reviewer. For a while, that was a novelty; being able to receive interesting items, daily, and develop review sites of my own… that’s been fun. It’s opened fresh doors for us. It also gave me a broader sense of being able to receive wonderful things, almost effortlessly.

Now, we’re thinking in bigger terms, planning our next adventures.

But anyway…

To accurately review Mmarte watercolors (sent to me by Vine), I did a quick sketch (using a fine-point Sharpie pen) and then painted over it using the paints and brushes that were included in the watercolor set. (I gave the set a five-star review. Except that the set doesn’t include enough shades of purple, these are fun supplies for watercolor painting.)

Here’s the result. (Keep in mind that I did this hastily. However, I kind of love this painting, including its imperfections.)

Disney Castle sketch - Nov 2022

What I like best is how cheerful and informal this is. Rushing through this, I didn’t have time to get finicky about… well, anything. I couldn’t let perfectionism get in my way.

After all, it was just a test of the paints; I didn’t plan to keep this piece.

Now, it’s going up on my wall to brighten my day, and remind me of happy visits to Disney World… past and future!