Sunset painting by Eileen Morey, 12" x 12" oil on canvasboard

Autumn Means Painting

The best view from our home is through the sliding glass doors in our living room.

Unfortunately, that’s also the hottest room in the summer, so – without a/c (typical in this part of NH) – it’s no fun to paint there.

However, once the cooler weather returns, I’m ready to pick up my paintbrush again.  That was the case this week.

I kept looking at last night’s sunset, wondering if I had time to set up my palette and easel, and still have time to capture the colors.

Well… I almost did.  During the last half of the painting, I was working with very low lighting.

(Artificial light affects color perception, and I can misjudge which colors to use.  However, working in the dark isn’t much better.)

This morning, when the sun was bright enough to see what I’d painted, I wasn’t sure if I’d need to make some major changes in the work.

I’m very pleased with this oil sketch.  The paint is very thick in some areas, so this will take about three weeks to dry.

The painting is 12″ x 12″ and it’s oil paint on canvas board. It’s in a private collection.