St. George - All In! collage

St. George – All In! Mixed Media Collage

It’s time to try some different techniques. Not necessarily mixed media, though this one is clearly that.

Mostly, I want to go beyond the edges of my “tidy” impulses.

The question is: Will my work still retain its artistic vision and integrity? And, will these nudges into somewhat-unfamiliar realms take my art in a new, more expressive direction?

That remains to be seen. (No pun intended.)

Today’s theme was shades of blue and St. George, patron saint of England. It’s the next country we’d like to explore, as a possible place to put down roots. Frankly, we’re ready for our own home. And a garden. And so on.

The vision of that is, indeed, “brighter than ever.” And we are “all in” on this as a 2021 goal… at least for a visit. (My husband has never been to England. I have, several times, usually for extended visits. In fact, I’ve travelled all over the U.K. and find something to love in every nook, cranny, hill, and valley.)

In this collage, I like the determination in Reese Witherspoon’s eyes, at the top of the page. When I saw them, I saw what’s in my own mirror (virtual and in-real-life), too.

The other woman is wearing glasses that slightly mask the expression in her eyes. I identified with her, too, as I don’t always show people what I’m thinking. In our society, it can be the safest route for women who are – in Blues Brothers’ terms – on a mission.

Also, I left a little extra space on the lower right side of the collage. That’s room for wonderful things ahead.

Size: 8.5″ x 11″

Materials: Acid-free heavyweight paper, torn magazine images, a printed image with watercolor & colored pencil, and Yes Paste.