Live Well! collage

Live Well – La Vie Est Belle – Artist’s Comments

The past three mornings, I’ve woken up smiling. That’s refreshing, and this collage reflects that. (The photo is a little blurry as I photographed it in early morning, low-light conditions. I’ll replace this photo later in the day.)

Life isn’t perfect. (Is it, ever…?) But, after a good night’s sleep, and with an increasingly clear vision of the immediate future, I’m pleased.

This collage started with the phrase “Live Well,” and a glittery version of the Eiffel Tower. Then, two juxtapositioned images (people wearing pearls) – advertisements on two sides of the same magazine page – seemed perfect. A luxury home, and a series of women – each with a distinctly different personal style – added to the foundation of this piece.

We all deserve to live well. There should be no barriers. (I thought about listing the most prevalent current barriers. Then I decided, No, there should be no barriers at all. Articulating them just endows them with a bit more energy and – today, anyway – I choose not to do that.)

It’s a good day. Life is moving in a positive direction. Let’s keep looking forward.

Size: 8.5″ x 11″

Materials: Acid-free, heavyweight art paper; torn magazine images and text; and Yes Paste