Torn paper collage - "Dance to a Different Beat"

Dance to a Different Beat – Torn Paper Collage and Artist’s Comments

Some of my collages start with very odd inspirations. This one began with three images: First, the classical figure in the upper right. Then, the woman with the sunglasses. And finally, a photo of a wall with a large window and a translucent, folded shade. (The latter is at the left side of the collage, with a tree image over the middle of it.)

As I’m working on these collages, I see my voice – as a powerful woman – emerging. The images I choose are about a wide range of women representing a variety of backgrounds. Sweet models discovering their options. Strong women of color. Women emerging from the shadows, and finding their voices, too.

We’ve always been strong. Queen Boudica. Joan of Arc. Tashenamani (Moving Robe). Matilda of Tuscany. Agustina de Arag√≥n. In the Bible: Deborah. And so on.

But now, having to rise to challenges of the current era, I feel as if we’re claiming our power in more forthright ways.

Stepping out of the shadows. Not accepting the raised eyebrow and “trophy wife” dismissal, or the diminutive “little woman” description.

That’s not limited to one gender. It’s a wave – perhaps a building tidal wave – gathering force, regardless of how society labels us… or how we describe ourselves, in the moment.

We’re speaking truth to power because (a) someone has to, and (b) we’re not just functional, decorative accessories. We’re demanding our voices as equals in global society.

It’s a clear theme in this collage, and one that I see throughout much of my recent work.

Size: 8.5″ x 11″

Materials: Acid-free art paper, torn magazine images, Yes Paste.