tree sketch

Quick Tree Sketch – 9 Jan 2011

Some of my oil sketches are sort of doodles… quick artwork exploring themes.

That’s a good description of this sketch of the woods near our home.

The purpose of this was to see what would happen if I tried to convey sunset colors through the trees.

It’s a whimsical piece giving me more to think about, as I consider what I want to capture as I paint a different landscape outside my studio windows.

For me, trees are a challenge.  I’m never sure how detailed to make them, and what’s most important to include.  No two artists will make the same decisions about trees.

I think I’m heading toward a more lyrical approach, but… I’m not sure, yet.

This is an 8″ x 10″ oil sketch on canvasboard.

(Note: I later painted over it. See it at Tree Sketch – Evolution Series, Feb 2011.)