NH sunrise - peach skies - 3 feb 2011

Peach sunrise – 3 Feb 2011

Sunrises in NH can display the most amazing colors.  The peaches and sherbet-pink colors from the rising sun… they’re often astonishing.

This is an 8″ x 10″ oil painting of the sunrise on February 3rd.

For just a few minutes, the clouds seemed to come alive with color, like a daytime aurora borealis. When I saw that starting to happen last Thursday morning — the day after a massive snowstorm — I headed straight to my canvas to capture it.

Blues are my favorite colors.  However, the play of color — such as the pinks and peaches of clouds against the blue sky — there’s a moment of magic when that happens, and that’s what inspired this plein air painting from our front porch.


Peach Sunrise
3 Feb 2011
8″ x 10″ Oil painting on archival canvas board