Spring is on the way - revision two

Evolution of a Painting – Spring is on the way

This painting began as a sketch on March 2010.  It was okay… but not great.  A couple of weeks ago, I decided that it wasn’t a complete waste of a canvas, but it could be improved.  With a few tweaks, revising the painting, I was pleased with the results.

Then, during this past weekend, I looked at it again and saw even more improvements.

Now, I’m happy with it.

For me, this work is about color. In the doldrums of winter, it’s easy to look outside and see just blue or gray skies… and that’s all.

However, even in a blizzard or on the most ho-hum day, there are flashes of color, highlighted by the snow.  (If you study the colors in snow, they often reflect the sky and the surroundings, sometimes almost as well as water does.)

As I’ve said in my artist’s statement, I’m obsessed with color… as well as balance, light and shadows.  I’m drawn to the sensual nature of oil paints, and how I feel when I’m painting, up to my elbows in luxury and rich textures as I work at my easel.

For me, a painting works when I express the emotional connection with whatever’s inspired me, as opposed to the details in the scene.

That’s why this painting works for me, and why I’m pleased to say that it’s completed.

Spring Is On The Way, Revised
5 February 2011
8″ x 10″ oil painting on canvas board
Signed by the artist on the back of the painting

Private collection