No boundaries - torn paper collage about independence

No Boundaries – Collage About Increasing Confidence

In a way, this collage is a logical extension of my work from the previous day. (Looking Forward and then A New Start)

Yes, I deliberately chose images of confident women of color.

There is a nod to tradition – the marble supports at the upper left – and the boundaries we’re moving beyond, represented by the red, wooden elements in the lower half of the collage.

“No Boundaries” and “Growing Strong” are self-explanatory. That’s where we’re going, now.

The blue elements support the line, “Discover the new rules.” (After all, there will be rules. The difference is: we’ll be choosing them.)

The pear…? I have no idea why it makes sense to me, but there it is.

I really like this torn-paper collage.

[NOTE: A couple of faint vertical lines on the image are from the scanner. The original art does not have those lines and it wasn’t damaged. I’ll replace this with a photo, later. Right now, I’m catching up, adding my past art to this website.]

Size: 8.5″ x 11″

Materials: Poster board, torn magazine images and text, Yes Paste.