Dream, Just Keep Going - torn paper collage by eibhlin

Dream – Just Keep Going – Torn-Paper Collage

This is one of my simplest collages so far. It may also have the clearest message.

We may be in the middle of a move to a new apartment. I’m not sure. It’s a distraction I’d rather not have, right now, but it seems like the season for sweeping changes. (But really, I’d rather not move right now. Except for new – and noisy-at-night – overhead neighbors, we’ve liked living where we are.)

When I wake up each morning, whether I’m refreshed or didn’t get enough sleep, I’m telling myself to just keep going. Trust that things will go as they’re supposed to. Trust that what’s ahead – no matter what it is – is the best for us.

I’m determined to be strong. I’m determined to hold onto my dreams with both hands, firmly.

That’s simple and complex at the same time.

The lower part of the collage is about nature and, in some ways, the past. The jewelry can be viewed one of two ways: Either it’s a path that’s splitting, or it’s two paths now merging towards a single goal.

And, of course, the words and the woman’s image are about confidence.

Size: 8.5″ x 11″

Materials: Poster board, torn magazine images and text, and Yes Paste.