A New Start - collage as art journaling

A New Start – Art Journaling Collage

Today’s collage was part of a gradual process. Suddenly, I saw more of myself – my internal messaging – in my collages.

Apparently, my collages – at least some of them – are a form of art journaling. (Others are simply whimsy. Or inspiration, depending on what sparked the piece.)

In this one, I see some of what’s been on my mind.

That’s how it is, with many of my collages: When I step back and look at them, I realize they’re sort of a message to myself.

In this case I was processing a harsh reality. Several friendships, and even some family connections, had changed over the past year or so.

Things that were said – or actions that spoke far louder than words – drove a wedge between us. I’m not sure that was an overnight thing.

I think those divisions have been rooted in politics. Not necessarily that we disagreed about candidates. Often, we didn’t.

During 2020, many of us struggled with the ongoing stress of what seemed to be an ever-widening gap between us and others. Adding physical distance as we’ve mostly stayed at home,  some relationships just didn’t hold up.

I’m mourning that, when there seems to be nothing I can do. But processing this through art, I’m (gradually) accepting that each of us have chosen our respective paths. I like to think they’re rooted in authenticity, and – in the future – we’ll find ways to connect again.

So, after thinking about it for a few days, I choose to see the silver lining. A fresh start is opening to us, now. What’s important is how we use that energy.

Some things must be left behind. (And, admittedly, some needed a more obvious nudge.)

Much around us feels a little unstable. Not drifting, but more in “free form” mode.

What will we choose? How will we model our future?

It’s part of the process, and I’m stepping up as myself. As an artist. As someone who cares deeply about others, advocates for inclusion, and makes authenticity – with all its facets – a priority.

This feels a little uncertain. Perhaps that’s what the Manolo (shoe, upside down) is about. There’s no way I could walk in that shoe – at any angle – and feel natural in it.

The trees are definitely about nature, and the blue is the beach. That’s where I’ve always felt most comfortable.

Later, I may see more in this collage. After all, it was assembled impulsively. Intuitively.

For now, I feel a little uncertain but also affirmed as I look at it.