And carry on... collage about a world in transition

And Carry On – Trusting the Light – Collage

This collage, “And carry on,” is about darkness, the light ahead, and the path from here to there.

It’s about where we are as a country (in the U.S.), as a world, and as individuals. And what’s immediately ahead of us.

It may not be tidy.

Challenges may await.

We’ve seen the darkness. It may take us a while to shake it off.

It might be easier to pretend that everything is fine. As if everything is nice, normal, and… bland.

We have a better choice.

The light guides us forward, and we can get there.

It’s about embracing the wonderful things in our lives. The things that are true, and represent the very best of who we are… each of us.

That’s the important part.

We just need to carry on. And trust.

To create the rough effect, I deliberately “aged” the finished collage using wax paper with a bit of Yes Paste on it. I repeatedly rolled wax paper onto the image, and then lifted it off. Each time, fine lines of the collage lifted off with the wax paper, until the piece looked the way I wanted it to.

Size: 8.5″ x 11″

Materials: Poster board, torn magazine images and text, and Yes Paste