Kennebunk Salt Marsh

This salt marsh in Maine has been a favorite subject for my plein air paintings for years.

The location is in Kennebunkport, Maine, across the street from the Bush compound.

I started painting at this location as part of my “look the other way” series. For that series, I chose subjects that are a 180-degree turn from popular tourist vistas.

When I started painting at this location in the early 1990s, George Bush (Sr.) was President, and tourists would drive past his family’s compound… and totally miss this lovely salt marsh across the street.

As the seasons changed, I became even more appreciative of this salt marsh. As an artist, I was (and still am) enthralled by the myriad colors in this setting. But, I also like painting in this relatively isolated location because–as a woman, alone–I always feel safe, knowing that there are cameras and security guards keeping an eye on me.

This salt marsh has changed over the years. The trees are larger and more mature. A new house on the other side of the marsh–barely visible–means fewer deer on that side of the landscape.

Today, even more people want to see the Bush compound. The street can be busy at the peak of tourist season.

But, the salt marsh is still one of the loveliest along the Maine coast, and this location continues to be among my favorites.

This oil painting is 8″ x 16″ on canvas board.  It was completed in May 2007.

Collection, J. Watt, California