Happy socks!

I love this little guy, and he’s only partly finished.  He’s created from a single sock.

The stripes are woven into this cotton sock; they’re not just printed on the fabric.  That can make a big difference when designing a sock doll… though I’ll admit that the printed-on designs offer more creative inspiration, at times!

I think this one’s going to be a little punker, with a pink-ish mohawk.  Or maybe not. I’m not sure yet. I’ll let him decide.

Mostly, I think he’s absolutely adorable.

(He’s sitting in a plastic sandwich-sized storage container.  He’s about nine inches tall.)

I generally post this kind of art at one of my other websites, under my Aisling D’Art pen name.

But… well, I just wanted to share this photo with you.  He’s a real sweetie, and – when he’s completed – he’ll be going to a family member for Christmas.

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