Aisling... err... Eibhlin (both are me)I’m Eibhlin (that’s a Celtic name pronounced like “Eileen”), and I write books. Lots of books under lots of pen names.

Most are successful, some aren’t, and some are somewhere in-between. As a result of my success, writing and publishing have become my “day job.” I like it.

At this site you’ll read the same practical advice I’ve given friends & family who want to become indie authors.

Take everything I say with a grain of salt. If it works for you, that’s great.

If it doesn’t, and you’re writing fiction, you may prefer advice from the Snowflake Guy, Chuck Wendig (nsfw), Dean Wesley Smith, and many others I’ve raved about at this website.

If you’d rather watch videos than read articles — something I understand, especially after a long day at the keyboard — be sure to watch Dan Wells’ story structure series, and anything by Joanna Penn.

That’s really all you need to know.

About Eibhlin

I’m descended from a long line of readers and writers. Most of us are historians of one kind or another.

I’ve worked as an editor, proofreader, and ghostwriter. As a full-time author, most of my books are written under pen names.

Some of my books emerge slowly and gracefully, as I savor the related topic, niche, or genre.

Others — specifically the ones I’ve written as Eibhlin — were produced with a sense of urgency. I felt as if I needed to get the information — and lots of it — to people, as quickly as possible.

So, those books aren’t Great Literature. Sometimes, it’s as if my thesaurus exploded and I merely grabbed words as they flew past.

However, they convey what I needed to say. Whether I was writing about content curation or viral nonfiction books, people have been able to put my insights to good use. I’m pleased.

Our publishing house

In real life, I’m co-owner of an indie publishing house. We’ve published all kinds of books about all kinds of topics, and in sub-genres I never knew existed.

Don’t be too impressed.  It’s a very small business, and most of our books are by family and friends.

  • We guided them through writing, editing, cover design, publishing, and marketing both online and off.
  • We created, designed, and hosted their book-related websites, and encouraged them to write and publish more books.

Some stayed with us, but — after a few books — most gain the confidence to self-publish. Some even start their own indie publishing houses. That personal empowerment is what my husband & I envisioned when we started our business.

And, as of mid-2017, we’ve put the management side of our business into the hands of people with more of a clue. It was a smart decision.

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