Daily Sunrises – Day Two

Yesterday, I started painting sunrises again.  They’re simply oil sketches… nothing formal or fancy.  Yesterday’s is on the left, and described in more detail at A New Morning. Generally, I grab whatever smallish, blank canvas is nearby.  Today, as yesterday, that’s a 10″ x 14″ canvas board. Technically, these paintings aren’t quite en plein air …

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A New Morning

Yesterday, I found a quotation that made me feel much better: “I’m in a foul mood as I’m making stupid mistakes… This morning I lost beyond repair a painting with which I had been happy, having done about twenty sessions on it; it had to be thoroughly scraped away… what a rage I was in!” …

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Autumn pond

This is an oil painting from my years (1998 – 2002) in Nashua, New Hampshire.  The pond is at Royal Crest, and it is magnificent all year ’round, but especially during the fall foliage season. I painted this over a series of afternoons, en plein air (meaning: outdoors, on location). It’s one of my favorite …

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