Winter tree - 2011

Snowy Tree – In Progress

A recent, surprise snowstorm presented another opportunity to paint the frosted scene outside my window.

The painting — not yet finished — is an oil painting on 9″ x 12″ canvas board.

Before I say that this painting is completed, I’d like to try indicating the falling snow.  However, I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

By letting this painting dry fully, if the next layer doesn’t look right, I can simply wipe it off the canvas and get back to this point… which I’m happy with.

This is the first of a series of paintings that I’m trying with an acrylic, tonal underpainting.

I’m starting with my usual underpainting of cadmium red.

Then, I’m using white and a dark paint (brown, blue or even black) to indicate the lightest lights & darkest darks.

Once that sketch dries, the oil painting begins.

So far, I’m pleased with this approach.

Below:  The actual scene outside my window, and the acrylic underpainted sketch.

Winter photo Winter tree - acrylic sketch