Flurried near dusk - oil painting - 7 Jan 2011

Flurries Near Dusk – 7 Jan 2011

Toward dusk on Friday, the sky had that eerie mix of muted colors, from pink to blue to a greenish-blue cast.

When the colors are that subdued, the more unusual colors in the hills seem to glow, and the snow is dark but intense.

It was lovely, accented by light snow flurries.

Of course, I took out my paints and captured the colors as quickly as I could.

Though I love the coastline, New Hampshire’s interior scenery can be equally powerful in the winter.

This oil sketch will definitely be an inspiration for a larger oil painting.

I’m very pleased with these colors.  They’re subtle, but just dramatic enough.

The original is 9″ x 12″ on canvas board.