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Though I have worked as a genealogist in the past, my professional interests have taken me in other directions now. My family history work focuses on my own family tree, so these memories are not lost to future generations.

Genealogy has been a passion since my 20s. I began with a family story about Davy DeCoste, the blond, blue-eyed captain of a three-masted schooner, the Mary Ellen, involved in rum-running to the Caribbean islands.  According to the tales, he went down with his ship in the Bay of Fundy.

Years later, I learned that most of that story was true. However, in my search, I’d learned about many more of my ancestors.  It was more than a fascination… it was an addiction.

In my 30s, I became a professional genealogist. By my 40s, I had narrowed my focus to finding “lost” Irish-American ancestors.

Later in life, I discovered — to my complete astonishment — connections to early America and then England.  Until then, I thought my ancestry was entirely Irish, French Canadian, and Native American.

It’s been an adventure, and I continue my research in my spare time. (Today, I’m an artist and a successful author, so genealogy is more of an engrossing hobby than a full-time pursuit.)

My maternal ancestors include: Bernier, Cronin, Cromwell, DeCoste, Roche, Tormey, and Webb.

My paternal ancestors include: Boyle, Donnelly, Maguire (several spellings), Maloney (several spellings), and Morey.

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