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Door Gallery – Sharing Art

For the past few years, I’ve featured art on our front door. I’m not sure how many people actually see it, but it’s my way of adding original art to a world that surrounds us with prints and digitally created images. I believe that original art has an authenticity that’s only appreciated when it can be viewed, up close and in real life.

Yes, the photo (above) looks kind of “meh.” It was taken in the early hours of the morning, without a flash. (It would have reflected too much light off the frame I use for the art.) The door is not grimy, though the colors in the collage are fairly accurate.

I took that photo in haste, as I was barefoot and still in my fluffy white bathrobe, with no makeup, wild hair streaming almost to my waist, and so on. (Our closest neighbor – directly across from us, with the Ring doorbell – may be amused if he reviews the video.)

Sometimes I change the art daily. Sometimes weekly. Now and then, I may leave a statement piece – art with a strong message – on my door for a few weeks. It varies with my mood, as well as my schedule.

Recently, I realized that a few people may want to know more about the art. So, I snagged the domain name, It’s in tiny letters at the lower left corner of the framed art.

Not long after that, I saw an article about another artist with an even better idea, her Little Free Art Gallery.

Where we live, that’s not entirely practical, but I do love the concept. I may create my own version at our next home.

But mostly, I’m always looking for ways to share original art – in real life – with lots of people, in unexpected settings.