Disrupted - fine art collage

Disrupted – Whimsical Fine Art Collage

A dog in a bow tie. A tux. A swimming pool. And then a classic grey-and-brown sitting room or parlour.

Those are the main elements in this mixed media collage.

I photographed this collage as I finished it, early this morning (in low light). The deep teal colors in the photo are far more vivid in real life. (The background was hand-painted, and the color is a mix of Yale blue and Dartmouth green… a nice, juicy – but sophisticated – dark teal.)

Mostly, I absolutely LOVE how my collages are moving in a fine art direction, and couldn’t wait to share it. The finished piece is 12″ x 12.5″.

This collage started as a jest, responding to Robert Presti’s joke’s about puppies in some of my collages. (Bob is a childhood friend from Belmont, Massachusetts.)

Then, as I collected elements that appealed to me, the collage took on fresh depth. I decided to make it a comment about disrupting staid boardrooms and others’ expectations.

Note: The cotton swabs at the left side of the photo are what I use to tidy glue and glitter paint when I apply them. My favorite magazines for collage are the same ones I read: Town & Country (American edition), Vanity Fair, Wired, English Home, Yankee, and National Geographic.

This collage also appears at my Aisling website for fellow mixed-media artists.