Day 1 — “99 Days of Freedom”

The biggest, most dramatic and immediate shift after — rather abruptly — starting 99 Days of Freedom…? Improved focus. It’s not that I accomplished so much more yesterday, though I did. It’s that I never once paused, did a facepalm, and said, “Oh, no! I forgot to __________.” (Followed by a scurry to whatever-it-was, to complete it. Or at least start it.) That’s a huge difference. Even with excruciatingly precise… Read More »

Day 0

Today, I signed off Facebook and began the 99 Days of Freedom. I’ll admit that — even minutes into this — it feels very weird not to go there, checking on family & friends. The thing is, I feel as if we use social media — and sometimes the Internet itself — as a substitute for real, personal contact. I don’t think that’s okay. I also object to Facebook’s experiments,… Read More »

Testing 1-2-3

Not sure if I’m doing the 99 Days of Freedom thing. Trying this as an alternative to Facebook updates. Pros: Making a point. Facebook deliberately tried to manipulate our emotions. Not. Okay. (A lot of people go to FB to vent. Manipulating people when they’re that kind of vulnerable…? Not even remotely okay.) (More of the same:) The more people do this, the more Facebook might (emphasis on “might”) get… Read More »