At the end of 2018, I decided to phase-out my writing websites and start an actual blog here. Really, it was overdue. My Facebook posts were getting far too long, and only reached people still at Facebook.

(I’m old enough to remember GeoCities. I know when it’s time to move on.)

During 2019, I plan to publish a “best of” book, featuring updated versions of the most important articles – mostly tips and how-to info – I’d previously shared at my main writing website.

For now, this site includes:

  • Resources about writing fiction – especially Regency romances.
  • A few articles about writing ghost stories.
  • Resources & how-to info about writing nonfiction.

Starting in 2019, I’m adding actual blog posts about being a writer, and random lifestyle topics. And, as you’ll see, I’m still the geeky, dorky hippie I’ve always been… and I have no intention of changing.