Recording Tips for Podcasts & Videos

Recording tips for podcasts & videosI’ve been publishing podcasts since forever. I wish I’d been more professional about them, from the start.

Today, I listen to some of my podcasts… and sigh. Some of them – more than I like to admit – weren’t very good.

In recent years, I’ve developed a system for recording podcasts. I also use it for my video soundtracks.

Note: Because I’m a privacy fanatic (due to some overzealous fans), I don’t appear on-camera. I use slideshows or videos (that don’t include my face), and I’m talking off-screen.

Here are the steps I follow, to record the soundtracks.

1) Mindmap the video idea, or otherwise create a list of things I want to talk about in the video.

2) Edit it, add talking points, etc., as needed.

3) Use Dragon to record what I expect to say in the video, so the script ends up in OpenOffice or Notepad.

4) Print that script and edit it.

5) Use the script to record in Audacity. Tweak the sound quality as needed.

6) Use that audio for my video soundtrack. (Or as part of it, anyway. I usually have a standard intro/outro, plus music that’s a segue for both segments.)

This process saves me a LOT of time. Hours, at least. Sometimes days.

By the time I’m recording in Audacity, I can usually get the soundtrack right the first time.

Also, for those who want to tweak sound quality in Audacity, I use this cheat sheet. ( )

Those settings came from a YouTube video I watched, explaining how to produce more professional soundtracks. (I don’t recall which video it was. If you recognize these settings, let me know the YouTube URL so I can give the guy credit for it.)

Generally, I don’t go through all the steps on the cheat sheet. The best results come from the first few steps. Test it yourself. You may see that some steps aren’t worth the extra time on a busy day.

Now, between a good script and a polished recording, I’m far happier with my audio results.

I hope these are helpful for your book marketing and podcasting, too.

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