About Viral Nonfiction Books

Part of this website is about my book, Write Successful, Viral, Nonfiction Books in 10 Days or Less. It’s a unique method of researching and writing fast, interesting, topical books for Kindle and other digital media.

Here’s the story behind this best-selling book:

“Flash in the pan” v. “Viral nonfiction”

Initially, I’d called my books “flash in the pan” books, because I write them in a flash, and interest in the topic might be as fleeting as the related headlines.

However, as those books continued to sell and sell, I realized my “flash in the pan” phrase — while amusing to me — might deter some writers from taking a chance on them. Writers might think the income was fleeting, and — in most cases — it isn’t.

So, I renamed these books “viral nonfiction books,” because… well, that’s what they are.

They’re written quickly to catch a wave of popular interest. Initially, most sell well. Often, they continue to attract readers for months or years that follow.

For example, one of my mid-2011 books remains a classic in its field. I followed it with two related books that still sell well, and provide peace of mind to people uncertain about some pop culture phenomena.

Also, my two of my early 2013 books about an obscure, ancient prophecy continue to sell well — more than two years later — to New Age and spiritually-inclined readers.

My book about natural remedies for constipation has also remained popular — mostly in India — for the past three years.

(All are written under pen names. That’s partly for branding, but mostly for privacy. I’m happiest sitting quietly at home or in a library, with no one recognizing me as the author of some book they’ve read and loved.)

The early articles

Early in 2013, as I realized the viability of this writing concept, I shared my experiences with my readers at my eibhlin.com/writing website. As readers asked questions, I added more articles.

At that point, I was still learning about this writing approach, myself. Frankly, I was reeling from the astonishing income, and exhilarated by readers’ enthusiasm for my research. This was fun.

By early 2014, these quirky, viral books were earning so reliably, my husband was able to give notice at work. We put nearly everything in storage, packed our suitcases, and began exploring places we’d like to live.

One of our first destinations was a quiet location in New Hampshire (USA). We rented a lovely cottage by the water’s edge. We had a private dock, and a nearly unobstructed view of mountains (to our west) and panoramic skies that I kept photographing… and smiling at.

Island view from my cottage
Morning view from my writing desk, autumn 2014

New Hampshire is still on our list of potential places to put down roots.

From there, we headed to Florida, exploring both coasts.

(As of 2016, we’re giving the Orlando area a “test drive.” Right now, we live just feet away from Walt Disney World. Really.  I often hear the Magic Kingdom train whistle throughout the day, but it’s not loud enough to be annoying. And, at night we can go out on the lawn to see fireworks displays from several Disney parks, but mostly the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. I particularly like the “cottontail” rabbits around our home, and the unusual birds we see and hear outside our windows, thanks to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.)

So, I can definitely recommend a writing career, even if you’re not a great writer.

And, since this kind of writing is practically saturation-proof, I decided to share all the nitty-gritty details in my book, Write Successful Viral Nonfiction Books in 10 Days or Less.

Why to read it

Many — perhaps most — people read my book because they need extra income… and some may need it quickly.

Keep this in mind: Most digital publishers — including Amazon Kindle — pay authors two months after the books sell. So, when a book you’ve written sells copies in January, you’ll receive your royalties (by direct deposit) at the end of March.

If you’re only writing these books for quick money, look elsewhere. (In fact, if your only motivation is money, these kinds of books probably aren’t for you. Readers can tell if you’re not really interested in the topic, or if you’ve rushed the research.)

However, if you love research and you’re fascinated by quirky topics, these books can be a gold mine.

The ideal author of books like these is someone who’d research these topics anyway; sharing those research discoveries with others and earning money for it is a bonus.

Why my book is different

Many authors of “write short books and make money” books have seen a need (to make some quick money) and researched ways to do that with books.

They haven’t written many books, themselves. They didn’t grow up dreaming of being a writer, and — while they may be proud of the books they have published — their focus is on income. If they could earn more from YouTube videos or selling marketing services to local businesses, they’d do that instead.

When they talk about books, they recommend shortcuts that include outsourcing the research and writing, so the “author” is merely a publisher.

My book isn’t about outsourcing. Frankly, I don’t think that would work for these kinds of books.

Many authors of “get rich quick with Kindle” books focus on building a mailing list of readers. Then, they use that mailing list to sell other products to their readers.

I don’t do that, either. First and foremost, I’m a researcher and writer, not a marketer.

My process was completely different. A few years ago, I’d researched something that surprised me, and I thought, “Why not turn this into a book?”

When that book sold well, quickly, and then for many months that followed, I realized my research skills could provide my husband and me with extra income. And, while the work was exhausting if I needed to rush through a book, it was still fun.

And, over the next couple of years, I tweaked the process for more fun, surer income, and greater longevity.

Those are the insights I share — in step-by-step detail, with nothing held back — in Write Successful, Viral, Nonfiction Books in 10 Days or Less.

If you’d like to become a real author, and you love research, I think you’ll like my book.