The Importance of Back-ups


Something broke my website.

“No problem,” I thought. “I have backups.”

Except that – in this case – my backups were older. Only by a few months, but the way I live, a few months can include some massive changes.

So, yes, this site is the version from September 2019.

Since then, I moved most of my writing articles (still here, for the moment) to Alice N. Palmer, the romance pen name I’m using as I dabble in Regencies again, and Victorian romances.

(It references a movie I loved in childhood, “The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming.” When I grew up, I wanted to be the romantic character in it, Allison Palmer. So the pen name is based on that.)

Meanwhile, yes, my husband and I still own New Forest Books, more or less. It’s become a publishing co-op, so the brand is working with a bunch of other people, and it’s managed by the Fabellas. (And, for now, New Forest Books isn’t accepting new members/authors. The site and business are being updated in a big way.)

So, with a bazillion projects on my to-do list, and I’m late with the next romance novel in my current series… this site will look like the 2019 version, temporarily.

Moral of the story: Backup often.

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