Snowball Book Launch – Early Review

Snowball Marketing and a painful lessonThis morning, I started reading “The Snowball Book Launch,” which I’d pre-ordered.

Okay, some of the people the author references… I wince at their names. I’m not a fan of many (possibly most) of them.

But, so far, the author is making some good points. (Don’t mistake that for an endorsement of the entire book. I’m only a few pages into it.)

One statement made me pause and think:

“The First Rule of Snowball Club is: We don’t tear down other entrepreneurs, authors, or creators.”

Ouch. Yes. That’s one big mistake I made over 15 years ago.

My Big Mistake

Here’s what happened when, yes, I was right… but how I handled it was a disaster.

After I helped someone recover from a professional blunder, she regained her audience, and flourished.

Oh, she still made mistakes. But people like me… we covered for her, every time. And she learned & seemed to improve, year by year.

But then, out of the blue – and for no reason I’ve ever understood – she deliberately sabotaged my career.

(It wasn’t entirely personal. She did the same to several others, at the same time. But, credit where credit is due: She did it masterfully.)

Hurt and angered by what felt like deep betrayal, I publicly ranted about her continuing, self-serving, behind-the-scenes mismanagement.

That was a horrendous, deeply unattractive mistake. If I could go back in time, I’d just keep doing the creative things I was doing, bigger & better. And nothing else.

The result was: She survived the fallout from those of us who spoke out.

We were the ones who had to adapt, one way or another.

That’s when I changed careers, and became a full-time writer.

Learning, Now

Yes, I still backslide and rant about specific people (and production companies) I feel are sleazes. It’s NOT smart, though I may feel ever-so-noble about revealing others’ misdeeds.

(Quietly telling real-life friends, one-on-one, if I see someone edging towards a perilous path…? That’s different. It’s the bullhorn that needs to go.  LOL )

I guess the lesson is, as the saying goes: Living well is the best revenge.

And bitterness – even when it’s appropriate – isn’t a good look for anyone.

Meanwhile, seeing it spelled out so clearly in this book, and having time to reflect on this… yes, it’s a good lesson for me to (finally) take to heart: Don’t tear down other entrepreneurs, authors, or creators.

Those categories cover nearly everyone I know.

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