Fiction is Moving!

I’m moving all of my fiction writing/publishing articles to my main fiction (romance) pen name site:  Alice N. Palmer.

(My first book is free as part of a Kindle book giveaway, on Sept 30th. Here’s the link to the books you can download, free: )

My Alice N. Palmer site is new, and it’s in transition right now, meaning I’m moving it to its own hosting. So, for now, I’m leaving a copy of my fiction writing &  publishing articles here.

The nonfiction articles will remain here, permanently. After all, my books about writing and curating nonfiction are in my Eibhlin MacIntosh name. (And yes, I do plan to update both of them. A lot has changed since I wrote them.)

Meanwhile, click on this banner to visit the Alice N. Palmer website, with resources for fiction writers, especially those writing Regency & Victorian romances.

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