Tormey Mystery Child

This is a photo my grandmother (Margaret Ann Tormey Bernier) described as a family photo, showing her with her siblings. The problem is… there are four children and we only know about three of them.

Tormey family children - around 1899

When I asked my grandmother about the fourth child, she seemed puzzled. Then said it must have been her cousin, Margaret Cronin Holden. Or, maybe it was her cousin Helen Cronin Kirk, who later lived in Belmont, MA.

I suppose either is possible, but it seems unlikely. Why would they add an extra child in what’s clearly a photo of siblings? (Also, my grandmother sometimes revised history. For example, she insisted that her father died when she was a toddler. He actually survived until after my grandmother had married and my mother — Muriel Bernier [Morey] — was a child.)

My grandmother insisted that she was the youngest child in the photo. I suppose that’s possible, but since she was only two years younger than her sister, Mary Ellen Tormey Sullivan, I’m more inclined to think my grandmother was the toddler standing up.

So, I haven’t a clue who the fourth child really was.

James Earnest Tormey never married and died without issue.

Mary Ellen Tormey Sullivan (Mrs. Charles Sullivan) had children Isabel Sullivan Beagan (spelling?) and Leo Sullivan. Isabel married Jack Beagan (?) and had at least two children. Leo was a fireman (in Belmont, MA) and never married, as far as I know, but he had at least one child. I think the baby’s mother’s name was Gloria, but I never met her, though I recall it as a long-time romance for Leo.

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