John Joseph and Sarah L. Green Cronin

Trying to assemble a complete record of each immigrant Cronin family — descendants of Michael and Ellen Roche Cronin, of Kilmallock, Co. Limerick, Ireland — I’m copying US and Massachusetts records.

John Joseph Cronin was the Irish-born son of Michael Cronin. “Uncle John,” as he’s called in my immediate family, was the brother of my great-grandmother, Margaret Cronin Tormey.

When Margaret Cronin Tormey died, her three (or four) small children lived with John and Sarah for some time. I’m not sure which other relatives the children lived with, as well as living with nuns in a convent for some time.

John Cronin married Sarah Louise Green on 26 Feb 1895 in Newton, MA, USA. She was from Lancashire, England.

According to records I’ve found, so far, their children were:

  • Michael Francis Cronin, b. 24 Apr 1897
  • Elizabeth Cronin, b. 5 Dec 1898
  • John G. Cronin, b. 21 Oct 1900
  • Timothy Stephen Cronin, b. 25 Oct 1903 (married Dorothy “Dot” Steele)
  • Ellen (Helen) Cronin, b. 18 Sep 1904  (her married name was Helen Kirk)
  • James Cronin, b. 28 May 1907
  • Joseph Cronin, b. 30 Dec 1908
  • Margaret Cronin, b. 19 Dec 1913

On 10 Mar 1922, John filed papers to become a US Naturalized citizen. The family lived at 103 Beacon St, Somerville, MA, in a house that they owned.

The following are records I’ve found for John Joseph Cronin and his wife, Sarah L. Green Cronin. For records that seem small on this page, click on the image (right-click on a PC) to see it larger.

The 1920 US Census for John & Sarah Cronin and their children.

Actual 1920 US Census record for John & Sarah Cronin

Main information from that document:

1920 US Census - John and Sarah Cronin

1930 US Census for John Joseph Cronin & family:

1930 John & Sarah Cronin

Summary of John Joseph Cronin’s information, 1930 US Census:

John Joseph Cronin - 1930 US Census

Massachusetts Vital Records for John & Sarah Cronin and family:

Vital records for John & Sarah Cronin - MA/Somerville

Naturalization papers:

Naturalization papers, John and Sarah Cronin

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